10 Tips to Ensure a High Quality Translation from Your Translation Services Provider

Using a professional language services provider will guarantee an accurate translation, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your project is completed quickly and within budget. Here are 10 Tips to ensure a high quality translation:
Target Local image
1. Identify the specific target audience for your translation so the appropriate language dialect and associated word choices are used. It’s not always enough to know which language to use. Just like in different parts of the United States, the vernacular may change depending on the regional location of your target audience. The more your message is localized, the better.
2. Translated text is typically longer than the original English copy by as much as 30 percent. For design pieces, it’s important to provide sufficient “white space” to allow the extra room needed for the translated text.
3. When preparing your original text, try to keep sentence length to a minimum. This helps facilitate the translation process and increases readability for your audience.
proofreading image4. Confirm that you are providing the latest version of your document and that it has been checked for accuracy before beginning the translation process. Proofread and fact-check your material first to avoid mistakes in the original document making their way into the final product.
5. Provide files, fonts and graphics in their original, editable, electronic form. This ensures the look and feel of your message is maintained throughout the translation cycle.
6. Provide specs for specific graphic elements of a design piece, such as minimum point size and leading. Also, indicate if the size of your graphics and page dimensions are fixed or are able to be adjusted.
7. Identify a single contact person from your organization to answer any questions that may arise during the translation process.
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8. To meet your deadlines, forward each document to your agency as soon as it is completed and ready for translation. You do not need to wait for every document to be finished before sharing the ones that are.
9. Be realistic when estimating time frames to complete your translation project. In addition to the time necessary for the translation process, remember to factor in additional time on your end to review and approve the final file(s), or for additional edits to be made.
10. For any first-time project with an agency, it’s helpful to provide a translation glossary for key terms, if one is available. This helps maintain consistency with any related translation work you had performed previously.
A successful translation job is a team effort between you and your translation services partner. Follow these simple translation tips and you’re sure to achieve the high quality results you desire.