The Brain & Foreign Languages

The Brain & Foreign Languages
Among other benefits, learning a foreign language may improve your memory. Science Daily recently reported on a study conducted by an organization in Luxemburg, the CRP-Santé Center. Their research shows that senior citizens who speak more than two languages experience a so-called “protective effect” on their memory.
The report also shows that the more languages, the merrier “Researchers discovered that those people who spoke four or more languages were five times less likely to develop cognitive problems compared to those people who only spoke two languages” reports the Science Daily article.
Another study by the Luxemburg group in 2008 implies that even a more modest grasp of languages-knowing “only” two-could help prevent the cognitive impairment associated with aging. Of course, healthy sleep habits, regular exercise, and a healthy diet also play a significant role in memory retention.
In summary, if you walk to a few language classes during the week after a healthy meal, your memory may have a better chance of holding up through your golden years. ASIST Translation Services, Inc. is a full-service translation agency, offering translation, interpreting, DTP/page layout, audio-video and multimedia production services in countless languages and dialects.

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