Interpreting Services for American Sign Language (ASL)

ASIST Translation Services provides sign language interpreters for area hospitals, medical practices, courts, law enforcement, government, human services and employers. ASL interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both advance and emergent requests.
We work with qualified interpreters that have appropriate credentials and/or professional experience. Prior to entering ASIST’s own training program, interpreters must have graduated from an accredited degree program and successfully complete a skills evaluation for medical interpreting  including ethics, confidentiality, interpreter role, HIPAA, universal precautions, medical terminology, legal terminology and other professional ethics standards.

Language Fact:

  • American Sign Language is one of 121 deaf sign languages listed in the Ethnologue database. Estimates for the number of people in the United States who speak ASL as their primary language range from 100,000 to over 500,000. It is a natural language, not a manual representation of English. Even among countries that share the same spoken language (Spanish, for example), it is not unusual for each to have their own deaf sign language.

ASIST Translation Services, Inc. is a full-service interpreting and translation agency located in Columbus, Ohio. We provide translation, medical interpreting, legal interpreting, proofreading, studio voice recording and media production, localization of interactive and Web content, and specialized language services to clients around the world.