Challenges of Business in a Global Market

Business challenges come up every day, and the global market evolves rapidly. It can sometimes be hard for businesses to keep up. Many companies lag behind, while others move their products forward and stay ahead of the game. How do they do this? They cater to the global market. In a global marketplace, one of the most important investments is language, so it’s no surprise that many successful companies choose to invest in translation services. What can translation services do for you?
Minimize Misunderstandings
There are often cultural differences which are unforeseen by many companies who decide to branch out into overseas markets. Acceptable or even professional manner and practice could be very different in your new client’s country of origin, and getting it wrong could be very damaging. For example, translations that are not culturally sensitive will tarnish your company’s image.
Below is a perfect example of how even the largest of companies can make these kinds of mistakes. Nike was forced to recall thousands of Air Bakin’, Air BBQ, Air Grill, and Air Melt shoes due to a decoration intended to resemble fire on the back of the sneakers. Unfortunately, when viewed from right to left (which is the way Arabic is read), the flames resembled the Arabic word for Allah. Muslims saw this as a desecration on two levels: The name of Allah may not be used on products, and Arabic tradition deems the foot unclean.
{something like “These types of cultural misunderstandings can be avoided by selecting a reputable translation company.”}