Legal Translations Don’t Have to be Intimidating


Legal Document Translations-Simplifying an Intimidating Task
Procuring interpreting and translation services for law firms does not have to be daunting. When it comes to language services law firms have widely disparate processes in their offices. One individual may speak French and helps to get the “gist” of certain documents, while another knows Spanish and assists an in-country affiliate with Spanish documents.
Time is Money
Billable attorney hours for translation and interpreting services quickly add up. International patent lawyers or mergers & acquisition lawyers working on such projects can easily be in excess of $500 per hour.
Having in-country affiliates or even paralegals in the firm work on these projects takes time away from their main responsibilities. As a consumer you are re-creating the translation wheel each time a translation project comes up, rather than storing/creating a translation memory for use later-this equals money.
Translation Services for Law Firms from One of the Most Respected Agencies in the Industry
Not sure who to turn to for your foreign language needs? ASIST employs hundreds of language experts from across the globe. Our industry software creates a bank of previously translated phrases and words, so your translations are accurate and consistent across all your projects.