ASIST Launches Panoramas Newsletter

Welcome to our new newsletter, Panoramas. In each issue we’ll take a wide and comprehensive view of the expanding translation and interpreting landscape, and how it affects you.
As the world grows smaller, the demand for translation and interpreting services grows larger. The dynamics of these two phenomenons are tied together through communication. We’re all doing more of it, and we’re trying to do it better.
Whether you’re a business looking to cultivate new foreign markets, an organization trying to serve limited-English-speaking clients, or an individual just trying to stay connected, language is key to making it all work. But it’s no longer just a handful of key languages we’re conversing in, like Spanish, Chinese, French or German. Now we are interacting with virtually every corner of the world and the myriad languages that exist out there—from Acholi to Zulu.
For more than 30 years, ASIST Translation Services has helped bridge the communication gaps facing businesses, governments and organizations around the world. Our more than 3,500 linguists provide translation and interpreting assistance in more than 240 translation teamlanguages, from the common to the obscure. But we do more than just translate words. We help our customers adapt and present their messages to fit the cultural and social context of the audience they are trying to reach. It’s a broad (we could say panoramic) approach to helping you achieve your goals and assimilate more fully into the eclectic mix of customs, cultures and lingo of the global marketplace.
Our new Panoramas newsletter will play a helpful role in that process. We’ll look at the trends, developments and opportunities surrounding the translation and interpreting industry, and share insights into how they impact your lives and professions. Our goal is, and always will be, helping you communicate with confidence — in any language, in any corner of the world.
Thanks for engaging with us and for being part of the movement that makes the world a smaller—and better—place.