The Significance of Context

Often, especially with businesses that have never used a translation agency, clients are not clear what a translator may need to generate the desired result, beyond the given text.
At ASIST, we receive large documents, like manuals, where context is contained within the document itself. However, what is more commonplace is that few or zero context is provided, even for text that customers deem vital. Many times a client sends us excerpts from a larger document or lists of phrases that when taken out of context makes little or no sense. This kind of linguistic issue presents linguists with a challenge because there may be multiple ways to translate these items into the target language. Translators are able to translate any document, but for optimal results context it critical.
To streamline the translation process, for both the client and the language service provider, ask the client to supply context when they request a translation. Taking a little extra time to engage and educate the client will create a mutually beneficial relationship, not to mention save time and cost.
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