We live in a globalized, multicultural world and businesses are taking their global marketing services and events to countries far and wide in the hope of expanding internationally. Handling logistics in a foreign country can be a daunting task.
As an event planner/marketer, it is not difficult to fall short in the minute details involved in exhibiting at an international conference. Even the most seasoned event manager can lose sight of some critical details when attending international gatherings.
Below are the top 5 tips to consider:
1. Bilingual/Multilingual Content

  • As you would localize marketing campaigns to fit your target audience, consider translating videos, brochures, pamphlets and even your booth displays into the languages represented at the particular event. If participants understand your product or service, you increase the likelihood of profit.

2. Using In-Country Resources

  • In-country representatives will have a better grasp on all the nuances if the local market.

3. Shipping

  • Be sure to get specific instructions from show organizers on labeling and documentation. Also use the shipping companies provided for your particular event.

4. Understand Metric Conversions

  • Having a booth to suit your needs is crucial. The last thing that your team wants is to arrive at your destination and find a booth that doesn’t fit in the allotted area.

5. Knowing Their Taxes & Your Budget

  • Frequently, countries charge different fees and taxes in addition to normal costs. These can make an enormous impact on your event budget which could create difficulties in future global marketing strategies. Contact event organizers about costs, and then plan accordingly.