ASIST TRANSLATIONS: Language Services for Electronic Media

Below is a summary of how ASIST Translation Services can help you create  e-learning, interactive, audio and video content for multiple languages and cultures.
– Translate narrations and onscreen text to any language
– Proofread onscreen text after placement
– Foreign-language voiceovers:

  • Provide voice talent
  • In-studio auditor ensures accuracy and inflection in voice performances
  • Record voiceovers in our digital (Pro Tools-based) studio
  • Edit narrations and dialog to match picture in video files
  • Cultural consultation regarding language variety and spoken accent

– Collaborate in the planning of media projects that will be optimized for globalization

  • Optimization and disambiguation for translation purposes
  • Cultural perspectives on content
  • Language support issues for specific authoring and design software

– Page layout, formatting in any language, including double-byte and right-to-left languages
ASIST routinely provides voice-over recordings for multimedia and computer-based training (Flash, AuthorWare, etc.). Narrations can be delivered as WAV, MP3 or any other required audio file format. Frequently, we deliver separate audio files for each segment, enabling interactive authors to align each scene, then adjust the timing of graphics as necessary in order to allow for larger word counts in most translations.
We can also dub videos to many different languages. For clients with in-house video editing capability, the ideal method is to export a digital video file. We use that as the onscreen reference while recording and editing translated narrations and dialogs. ASIST returns a WAV file that is already conformed to source video project. Once this translated narration is dropped in at 0:00 in the video timeline—everything lines up from beginning to end.

  • In order to avoid a rushed pace in dubbed video, it helps to leave some extra padding between paragraphs or scenes in the original English version. With enough editing and/or time compression, we can make anything fit! However, this can sound rushed, especially if the translation must accurately reflect all nuances of the original English content, with no abridgment or paraphasing for time permitted. (In fact, creating a “looser” version of the original English program for dubbing purposes is a strategy that globalization-savvy content producers incorporate into their project plan.)

ASIST translates for all types of Web content. We have translated large sites supporting dozens of languages, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and various others that don’t use Latin characters. Proofreading before the client goes live with the formatted content is one of the crucial services that ASIST provides. Even in languages using Latin character sets, longer string length, line break issues and diacritical marks can be problematic if they are not reviewed by a qualified linguist.
ASIST Translation Services, Inc. is a full-service translation agency located in Columbus, Ohio. We provide translation, interpreting, proofreading, voice recording and media production, localization of interactive and Web content, and specialized language services to clients around the world.