The tussle over the best strategy for translation continues. The pursuit of linguistic expression and quality remain the highest goals of translations. These goals are critical for brand definition and global impact.
Today new methods of customer interaction and changing market trends are powering the need for LSPs (Language Service Providers) to offer various types of translations to clients.
Due to the explosion of the emerging markets in Asia and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is the steady demand for communication in the local markets. These markets tend to have lower use of English. Companies have finally realized that they can no longer afford not to speak to employees and clients (including potential ones) in their languages.
The solution: localize content to suit your customers and gain future ones as well. Studies have shown consumers to be 5 times more likely to purchase goods and services in their own language. Contacting a reputable translation agency to assist in translation and localization services will allow you to gain a global foothold.