Blunders Due to Unreliable Translations

Blunders Due to Unreliable Translations
Computer translators like Google Translate or Babelfish are often viewed as quick and cheap sources for translating material. However, for those who have used these methods, the end product is less than reliable-it’s usually peppered with errors.
When these mistakes become public, embarrassment typically follows. An American airline slogan “Fly Leather” was translated as “Fly Naked” in Latin America and Pepsi’s marketing slogan for China, “Come Alive with Pepsi” was translated as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back to life.”
These kinds of glaring mistakes are embarrassing for the businesses involved, but they are the very types of mistakes that a professional translation agency wouldn’t let slip through the cracks. In medical translations such mistakes could be deadly. ASIST Translation Services in Columbus, Ohio, only employs native speakers who are aware of these pitfalls and know how to avoid them.
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