Language Facts: Central Ohio

According to the 2002 U.S. Census Bureau report, a language other than English was spoken in more than 9.0% of households in Franklin County, Ohio. About 8.0% of its residents are foreign born. Franklin County’s foreign-born population has tripled during the last 15 years and is projected to reach nearly 12 percent of Franklin County’s population by 2010. (For example, between 1990 and 2003, this number increased from 32,235 to 56,628. An average of 9,000 immigrants make Franklin County their home each year.)
Columbus, Ohio is home to the second-largest Somali population in North America. There are at least 17,000 Somalis in Franklin county. However, some sources cite current figures in the neighborhood of 40,000.
Per a 2006 census report, 35,526 of Franklin County’s population (3.26%) identified themselves as Hispanics as of July 2005 and most of them speak Spanish at home. This is the second-largest Hispanic population among all Ohio counties.
At least two-thirds of Franklin County’s Hispanics are of Mexican origin.
The number of Chinese speakers throughout Ohio increased by 66.10% between 1990 and 2000, while the number of Spanish speakers increased by 53.13% during the same period.
The population speaking many other languages, including Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, French and various African languages, is also growing. Given the diverse population in Central Ohio, the need for trained interpreters, translators, and professional translation agencies is expected to increase steadily.
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