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Speaking the Many Languages of Mexico

Map of MexicoDespite the political rhetoric that sometimes surrounds relations between the United States and Mexico, one thing remains certain: interactions between our two countries—economically, culturally and socially—will continue to play significant roles in our mutual growth and success. Our geographic proximity and our shared interests mean we will remain active partners far into the future.
Many of our translation and interpreting clients understand this reality and come to us to strengthen their communication efforts in Spanish. This runs the gamut from entrepreneurs looking to do business in Mexico to companies and non-profits trying to better serve their Mexican customers living in the U.S. But we find a common misconception among many of our clients, and that is: Spanish translation is a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Do You Understand the Terminology of Multilingual Communications?

As more businesses and organizations engage in multilingual communications with their customers, it’s important to understand the terminology you will undoubtedly hear when working with your translation service provider. Knowing the exact meaning of the industry jargon will ensure greater success in planning and implementing your foreign language outreach efforts. Here are just a few basics you should know as you get started.
INTERPRETER: This is a professional who transforms VERBAL communication from oneInterpreter on Headset Image language to another. Interpretation can either be “simultaneous” (in real-time, as it is being spoken) or “consecutive” (after each sentence or group of ideas, the speaker pauses while an interpreter repeats that entire section in the other language). ASIST interpreters can easily handle either format. We routinely provide on-site interpretation for business and trade meetings, conferences, medical facilities, legal proceedings, etc., as well as 24-hour telephone or remote video interpreting services.

Portuguese Translation, French Translation, Spanish Translation: Who and Where?

When you employ a translation agency to create Portuguese, French or Spanish translations of your existing material, simply specifying one of these language names is not sufficient! The Portuguese variety spoken by 163 million people in Brazil has important differences from the variety spoken by 10 million in Portugal. Use…