Multilingual Subtitles and Captions Can Expand Your Video Views

Marketing and promotional videos are more popular than ever in this age of digital media. It used to be that only big-budget businesses could afford the cost of producing a slick marketing video touting all the advantages of their products or services.
Not anymore.closed caption image
Today, many organizations have their own in-house video production teams equipped with low-cost but high-quality cameras and editing software that almost anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use. Even more appealing to cost-conscious marketing managers is the array of social media sites that feature videos produced inexpensively on mobile devices and shared easily across multiple user platforms. A study by Cisco estimates that by 2020, video will account for 75 percent of all mobile data traffic! (Our previous blog highlights more fully the impact and opportunities of video marketing.)

Video Translation Plays Increasing Role in Global Communications

It used to be that translating the printed word was the preferred way to communicate withAudio-Video Image clients and customers speaking other languages. While still popular, print is quickly being rivaled by electronic media when trying to get your multilingual message out. Due largely to the internet and the social media explosion, audio and video files are being viewed and shared around the world in staggering numbers.
Consider these facts and projections:

  • Facebook is generating eight billion video views per day! The number of video posts per person has increased 75 percent globally and 94 percent in the United States. The amount of video from people and brands in News Feed has increased 3.6 times year-over-year. More than half the people who visit Facebook in the U.S. every day watch at least one video.