Why the Increased Demand for Interpreting Should Interest You

In the language services field, translators and interpreters play similar but different roles. Translators deal primarily with the written word while interpreters work with the spokenImage of Interpreter Helping Customer word. Both are integral to bringing people of different languages and cultures together, but more recently the interpreting function has gained increasing traction. The trend is one you should pay attention to.

10 Tips to Ensure a High Quality Translation from Your Translation Services Provider

Using a professional language services provider will guarantee an accurate translation, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your project is completed quickly and within budget. Here are 10 Tips to ensure a high quality translation:
Target Local image
1. Identify the specific target audience for your translation so the appropriate language dialect and associated word choices are used. It’s not always enough to know which language to use. Just like in different parts of the United States, the vernacular may change depending on the regional location of your target audience. The more your message is localized, the better.

10 Things to Know About Oktoberfest

Autumn is a busy time for special events and festivals around the world. The mild temperatures that accompany the changing seasons make tourist or business travel Oktoberfest Hippodrom Tentespecially enjoyable.
In honor of one of autumn’s most popular worldwide attractions—the Munich Oktoberfest—we gathered some interesting facts you may not know about this 200-year-old tradition.

  • Oktoberfest is known as the largest Volksfest (People’s Fair) in the world. More than six million people attend the festivities each year, which begins on the third weekend of September and runs through the first Sunday in October.

Our Glossary of Terms Helps You Understand Translation Terminology

If you’ve looked into getting any translation or interpreting work done, you know there are plenty of words and phrases unique to the industry. To help you understand just what all of this terminology really means, we put together a brief glossary of key terms to help you out.Glossary wordcloud image

  1. Bilingual/Multilingual – The ability to communicate fluently in two or more languages. These terms would not apply to someone who is only marginally skilled at speaking another language(s).

‘Transcreation’ Helps Maintain Your Brand’s Image in Foreign Markets

As the world gets smaller and cultures continue to blend, sophisticated business leaders and marketers are refining the way they communicate their messages into foreign languages.
Think about how hard it is to get your message heard above the din of competing brand campaigns in your own language. Trying to do the same thing in another language is even trickier. How do you go about marketing and maintaining your brand image in another country? How do you ensure that the essence of your brand will resonate with customers in foreign markets?  Companies spend plenty of time and money trying to figure that out.
That’s where transcreation can help.

Traveling Abroad? Follow These Tips

If you plan on traveling outside the country for business or pleasure, here are some tips to follow regarding your ATM and credit cards:
• Before leaving, call your credit card company to advise them of your travel card transaction Otherwise, larger transactions and unusual spending patterns/locations could raise doubts about unauthorized use or fraud, holding up approvals.
• Confirm whether you can use magnetic stripe cards or if the area you’re visiting mainly uses the more secure “chip-and-PIN” cards. While U.S. cards with magnetic stripes will still work as long as there’s someone to swipe them, you may encounter problems for independent vendors, like ticket vending kiosks, gas stations or other small, local venues.