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Answer These Questions First to Ensure a Smooth Translation Process

We have worked with thousands of clients over our 30 years in business, from small, quick turn-around jobs to complex technical translations that took months to complete. Our Question Mark Image
experience has shown that regardless of the scale of a translation project, there are a couple of elementary questions every client should be ready to answer before seeking help from a professional translation agency. If you can answer these questions upfront, the rest of the translation process will go much smoother.

Which Way Should You Go: In-House Translators or Outside Translation Partner?

More businesses than ever are branching out into multilingual communications as a way to expand their customer base. So the question these days is not so much “Should we translate?” as it is “How should we translate?” The answer is an important one.translators proofing documents
After deciding it’s time to target a more global audience, the next step is to determine whether to use internal staff to handle the work or partner with an outside language service provider (LSP). There’s certainly a cost either way, and any budget-conscious business leader should factor that into their analysis. But there are also many other pieces that go into creating and maintaining a successful translation program. That’s why any results-oriented business leader should weigh the pros and cons of both sides.
We put together some things to consider when deliberating the question: in-house translators or outside translation partner?

Knowing Chinese Culture and Customs Will Enhance Your Global Customer Engagement Efforts

For more than 30 years, we’ve helped many companies with their translation and interpreting projects. Some of that work targeted customers living in the U.S. who speak another language. Other times it focused on sharing marketing messages and product global travel graphicinformation with people in other parts of the world.
One thing we continue to emphasize to our clients is that translating or interpreting words is only part of a successful multilingual communication process. Another important piece—whether conducting business outside of the country or entertaining visitors at your company—is to adapt to the cultural, social and business customs of your foreign speaking customers. This means paying close attention not just to the words you use, but also to the images associated with your message, the method used to convey the message, and even the personal interactions you make with clients or customers on their home soil.

5 Reasons It’s Time to Use Translation Services to Help Your Business Grow

Decision, decisions: is it time to employ translation services to grow your business?
For sure, it’s a weighty question. Many leaders at the helm of private businesses and non-profit organizations alike have either not considered using translation services or don’t believe they could benefit from them. The reasons vary widely:International Business Image

  • My customers aren’t located outside the country anyway
  • It’s too cumbersome to manage
  • It’s too expensive and time-consuming
  • I don’t have anything that needs translated
  • Software translation tools will suffice
  • I have more pressing company needs to focus on

We realize it can seem a little intimidating or overwhelming to think about communicating with people from all around the world. But the beauty of the Internet, social media and shifting demographics means your “international” customers are right in front of you, either physically as Limited English Proficient (LEP) customers here in the U.S. or electronically as someone located on the other side of the globe. You just have to talk to them.

Spring Traditions and Celebrations From Around the World

For those of us in the United States, we mark the long-anticipated arrival of spring with our customary—if somewhat unorthodox—rituals: March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Opening Day of baseball season and Spring Break, to name a few. Other parts of the world have their own annual spring traditions to celebrate the end of winter. We thought we’d share some of them with you.

Stonehenge image
Stonehenge at Dawn

Spring Equinox at Teotihuacán and Stonehenge
To welcome the first day of spring, thousands of people annually visit one of the ancient pyramids in Teotihuacán, Mexico or the Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire, England. In Mexico crowds climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun to absorb the sun’s energy. At Stonehenge they arrive before dawn to witness the first rays of sunlight, officially signaling the start of spring.

“Translation Memory” Saves Costs, Adds Quality to Your Translation Project

At ASIST Translation Services, we mix the skills, experience and versatility of human translators with advanced technology to provide the best translation experience possible, both in terms of cost and consistent quality.
One of our technology applications is our Translation Memory tool, or TM for short. TM uses a database of client-specific, pre-translated phrases that can easily be used in new or recurring translation projects. The end result for clients is better quality, consistency and efficiency, all at a lower cost.
Here’s how it works.

How to Choose the Right Translation Provider—Ask Yourself These Questions

To compete in the global marketplace, a growing number of businesses and organizations are adding “multilingual communication” to their strategic business plans. That’s the first step to Going Global. But picking the right translation and interpreting provider can be tricky. Today’s rich mix of professional agencies, independent freelancers and technology Who To Choose? Imagedevices can make the selection process as overwhelming as it is confusing. So to help you chose the right translation provider, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:
Am I Getting High Quality Translators & Interpreters?
To make sure your message is communicated correctly, look for a reliable, full-service agency with experienced translators and interpreters—they should be professionally trained, have knowledge of your particular industry or subject matter, and be native speakers of your target language. For very specialized subjects in areas like science, medicine and law, it is crucial to use translators and interpreters who know the field as well as they know the language. Use machine translations only for quick, informal messaging. While technology can play a role in the initial development of a translation project, only human translators can ensure the kind of quality and accuracy you want in a first-class finished product.

The Role of Translation in the Insurance Industry

Much has changed in the insurance business since 1752 when Benjamin Franklin helped launch the Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire, the first property insurance company in America.

Ben Franklin reading papers image
Portrait of Benjamin Franklin by David Martin (1737-1797) Library of Congress

One of the changes from those early colonial days is the number of languages spoken by insurance customers. Today our country is more of a “melting pot” than ever, so successful insurance providers, carriers and agents must cater to clients of many different nationalities, languages, cultures and financial needs. Even Franklin must have appreciated the important role of translation in the insurance industry — afterall, he taught himself to speak five different languages.

10 Tips to Ensure a High Quality Translation

Using a professional language services provider will guarantee an accurate translation, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your project is completed quickly and within budget. Here are 10 Tips to ensure a high quality translation:
Target Local image
1. Identify the specific target audience for your translation so the appropriate language dialect and associated word choices are used. It’s not always enough to know which language to use. Just like in different parts of the United States, the vernacular may change depending on the regional location of your target audience. The more your message is localized, the better.

New Year’s Resolution: Get Translation Services Help to Grow Your Business

The holiday decorations are likely put away, the in-laws are gone and the irregular-fitting sweaters you just received are safely stored away in the back of your closet. Now it’s time to tackle those New Year’s resolutions. No, not the short-lived personal goals you boldly make each year that usually sputter to an end by February. We’re talking about the resolutions to grow your business this year simply by being more active in the global marketplace.
Here are three simple New Year’s resolutions to make 2016 your year for ‘Going Global.’  And best of all, we’ll help you meet them if you tend to falter.
Multilingual Marketing Strategy Table Resolution #1: Embrace multilingual translations into your marketing strategy
If you aren’t doing this already, your competitors probably are. The growth of the Internet and social media have made international transactions commonplace. But your international customers no longer have to be physically located on the other side of the globe; they can be right up the street. Census figures confirm that demographics are shifting in cities across the U.S. Over 60 million people – more than 1 in 5 people – now speak a language other than English at home. That means your multilingual customers are as likely to walk into your business as they are to visit your website. So make sure your marketing plans and tactics for 2016 include tapping into a whole new world of customers, whether here at home or around the world.