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Speaking the Many Languages of Mexico

Map of MexicoDespite the political rhetoric that sometimes surrounds relations between the United States and Mexico, one thing remains certain: interactions between our two countries—economically, culturally and socially—will continue to play significant roles in our mutual growth and success. Our geographic proximity and our shared interests mean we will remain active partners far into the future.
Many of our translation and interpreting clients understand this reality and come to us to strengthen their communication efforts in Spanish. This runs the gamut from entrepreneurs looking to do business in Mexico to companies and non-profits trying to better serve their Mexican customers living in the U.S. But we find a common misconception among many of our clients, and that is: Spanish translation is a one-size-fits-all proposition.

As Our Country Grows, So Should Your Translation and Interpreting Efforts for Immigrants

Immigrant Group Image
The United States’ proud identity as the “land of opportunity” has been a clarion call for immigrants since our country’s founding.
While playing a large role in building the nation from “sea to shining sea,” immigrants also helped weave diverse customs into the cultural fabric of America—from food to fashion, from religion to politics, from music to literature, and more. But the most distinguishing trait people brought from their far-flung corners of the globe is…language.

Spanish Translation: Columbus, Ohio

The Spanish-speaking, Hispanic population in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin County) has increased dramatically over the past few years. Accordingly, the area’s hospitals, healthcare providers, medical suppliers, courts, legal offices, government and social services have met the challenge to ensure that Spanish translations, Spanish interpreters, and culturally appropriate communication is available to…

Portuguese Translation, French Translation, Spanish Translation: Who and Where?

When you employ a translation agency to create Portuguese, French or Spanish translations of your existing material, simply specifying one of these language names is not sufficient! The Portuguese variety spoken by 163 million people in Brazil has important differences from the variety spoken by 10 million in Portugal. Use…

Castilian = Spanish = Castellano = Español

This is a persistent misunderstanding… Before starting any Spanish translation, having this information handy might be helpful when clients or distributors tell YOU what variety of Spanish is required, without providing any geographical context. Castilian/Spanish, Castellano/Español are all synonyms for the same language. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_given_to_the_Spanish_language In short, it avoids confusion to…