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Machine Translation Needs the Human Touch For Professional Global Business Communications

Pretend you’re traveling in a foreign country. You receive an urgent call from the hospital saying your spouse’s heart has been imprisoned. Would you at least feel relieved to learn that he or she won’t fall over?Human Touch image on Computer screen
If you had to rely on machine translation of that country’s language, that’s just what you might hear, or something equally alarming, amusing or confusing.

“Translation Memory” Saves Costs, Adds Quality to Your Translation Project

At ASIST Translation Services, we mix the skills, experience and versatility of human translators with advanced technology to provide the best translation experience possible, both in terms of cost and consistent quality.
One of our technology applications is our Translation Memory tool, or TM for short. TM uses a database of client-specific, pre-translated phrases that can easily be used in new or recurring translation projects. The end result for clients is better quality, consistency and efficiency, all at a lower cost.
Here’s how it works.

What’s Driving the Increased Demand for Interpreting?

In the language services field, translators and interpreters play similar but different roles. Translators deal primarily with the written word while interpreters work with the spokenImage of Interpreter Helping Customer word. Both are integral to bringing people of different languages and cultures together, but more recently the interpreting function has gained increasing traction. The trend is one you should pay attention to.

Translation & Localization for Mobile Apps: 5 Questions to Keep in Mind for Success

There are a handful of global app storefronts, however, the majority of mobile app developers create and publish in their native language. Irrespective of language, the burden on localization falls on the developers themselves and they need to be aware of many issues when dealing with the localization challenge. The…

Legal Translations Don’t Have to be Intimidating

  Legal Document Translations-Simplifying an Intimidating Task Procuring interpreting and translation services for law firms does not have to be daunting. When it comes to language services law firms have widely disparate processes in their offices. One individual may speak French and helps to get the “gist” of certain documents,…

Translation Service aids Courts, Hospitals

Because of Elena Tsinman, over 100 interpreters every day help non-English speaking or Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals communicate with local police, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and in various other settings. Tsinman is the owner and founder of ASIST Translation Services, which employs more than 2000 interpreters from all over the…