Top 10 Reasons Why Foreign-Language Translation & Interpreting are Important to You

10. Translation/Interpreting helps us fall in love.  Every day interpreters help individuals transcend the language barrier to engage in sweet talk, while translators work diligently to translate love letters for people.
9.   Translation/Interpreting feeds the world.  Consumers buying foodstuffs often speak a different language from the producers of foodstuffs. Due to translation, companies like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Nestle are able to sell their products globally.
8.   Translation/Interpreting tests our faith.  Many of the world’s sacred texts are read in translation.
7.   Translation/Interpreting entertains us.  Books and movies reach a wider audience because of translation. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo would not have become such a worldwide hit, if it had remained only in Swedish.  Today’s globalized world has also affected sports-many athletes use the services of interpreters to communicate with their teammates and fans.
6.   Translation/Interpreting impacts the global economy.  Without translation international business could not occur, companies would not be able to sell their products and services.
5.   Translation/Interpreting creates job opportunities.  According to a Common Sense Advisory study the global translation/interpreting industry is valued at $33 billion per year. Most of these come though small to medium-size companies, who employ not only translators/interpreters, but also people in marketing, sales, and project coordination.
4.   Translation/Interpreting elects politicians.  Here in the US there are many LEP (Limited English Proficient) citizens, and citizens who use a language other than English at home. According to the US Voting Rights Act election materials need to be translated, so voters can be more knowledgeable about the issues.
3.   Translation/Interpreting maintains peace.  International diplomacy would be practically impossible without translation and interpreting. Interpreters play a critical role in helping to establish a rapport between leaders and keeping them from committing cultural mistakes.  While translators help to translate peace treaties and international agreements.
2.   Translation/Interpreting prevents terrorism.  Translation is a big part of intelligence gathering to prevent terrorist plots from occurring.
The number one reason why translation and interpreting are important (drum roll….)
1.   Translation/Interpreting saves lives.  Medical interpreters help healthcare professionals with patients every day while translators help spread the information contained in medical papers, allowing doctors and researchers to read the latest scientific trends in medicine.
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